Golden Oldies from William Franklin Price Sr. negatives - These negatives were saved from years ago...
Most of these images were taken by my dad, and I copied them with a Fujix FV7 imaging video canera directly from the negatives...
Dates Circa 1940-1960
If you know anything about these images or for more information about these call me (Mona Price Abbott) at (850) 222-6662
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Charlie Brazell -119
Charlie Brazell -119.jpg
Courthouse corner
Courthouse corner.jpg
Frank Price Bee keeping 2
Frank Price Bee keeping 2.jpg
Frank Price Bee keeping 3
Frank Price Bee keeping 3.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 1
Frank Price Sr. 1.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 2
Frank Price Sr. 2.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 3 copy
Frank Price Sr. 3 copy.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 3.c
Frank Price Sr. 3.c.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 4
Frank Price Sr. 4.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 5 w/?
Frank Price Sr. 5 w/?.jpg
Frank Price Sr. 6
Frank Price Sr. 6.jpg
Frank Price Sr. Bee Ke0014
Frank Price Sr. Bee Ke0014.jpg
Frankie Nude
Frankie Nude.jpg
Frankie blur
Frankie blur.jpg
Friendly Dining Room
Friendly Dining Room.jpg
Gulf Station
Gulf Station.jpg
Harriets Bluff Aunt R#0024
Harriets Bluff Aunt R#0024.jpg
Harriets Bluff, Bessi#0025
Harriets Bluff, Bessi#0025.jpg
Harriets Bluff, Rose Home
Harriets Bluff, Rose Home.jpg
Harriets Bluff, rose
Harriets Bluff, rose.jpg
Higginbottom Family
Higginbottom Family.jpg
Ice Cold Eats
Ice Cold Eats.jpg
Jones Service Station
Jones Service Station.jpg
Junior, Levene & Janey
Junior, Levene & Janey.jpg
Levene & Bessie w/ St#0034
Levene & Bessie w/ St#0034.jpg
Levene Prissy
Levene Prissy.jpg
Levene Prissy w/brick#0035
Levene Prissy w/brick#0035.jpg
Levene's Sailor Hat
Levene's Sailor Hat.jpg
Levene's coke
Levene's coke.jpg
Levene's moon
Levene's moon.jpg
Levene, Junior & Janey
Levene, Junior & Janey.jpg
Levene, Ricky & Maudrey
Levene, Ricky & Maudrey.jpg
Loading equipment?
Loading equipment?.jpg
Mary Price 2
Mary Price 2.jpg
MaudreY???Studio 3/4
MaudreY???Studio 3/4.jpg
Maudrey & Frankie
Maudrey & Frankie.jpg
Maudrey & Levene
Maudrey & Levene.jpg
Maudrey 2
Maudrey 2.jpg
Maudrey 3
Maudrey 3.jpg
Maudrey 4
Maudrey 4.jpg
Maudrey Bathing Beauty
Maudrey Bathing Beauty.jpg
Maudrey Bathing Beauty 1
Maudrey Bathing Beauty 1.jpg
Maudrey Bathing Beauty 2
Maudrey Bathing Beauty 2.jpg
Maudrey Sexpot
Maudrey Sexpot.jpg
Maudrey poka dot kitchen
Maudrey poka dot kitchen.jpg
Mom & Frank Swimming
Mom & Frank Swimming.jpg
Mom & Frank Swimming1
Mom & Frank Swimming1.jpg
Mom & Frank Swimming2x3
Mom & Frank Swimming2x3.jpg
Mom's cleaning fish
Mom's cleaning fish.jpg
Mom's cleaning fish co0061
Mom's cleaning fish co0061.jpg
Mona as baby
Mona as baby.jpg
Mona blur
Mona blur.jpg
Mrs. (Mary)  W.F. Price 1
Mrs. (Mary) W.F. Price 1.jpg
Norwoods Fine Pecan Ca0081
Norwoods Fine Pecan Ca0081.jpg
Okeefenokee Motel
Okeefenokee Motel.jpg
Peace Rose
Peace Rose.jpg
Pickrun Tourist Home
Pickrun Tourist Home.jpg
Priceling 10/2/48 2
Priceling 10/2/48 2.jpg
Pricelings 10/2/48
Pricelings 10/2/48.jpg
Pricelings 10/2/48 -2
Pricelings 10/2/48 -2.jpg