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I Wish
By Gina Arinez

Can't you see, the way that I feel
I, know, that this can't be real
What do I have to do
to convince you

you, mean, so much to me
I, wish, that you would see
Instead I'm drifting
from you I can't believe
what's happenin' tah me

I, wish, that we could be together
I, wish that it would last forever
you're not the one to blame
maybe you were ashamed


I can't go on...
Something's wrong...
I don't know why I feel this way
some, things I cannot say...
Frustration; Concentration
It doesn't work out for me
Why can't you see?
work is stressful; finishing's restful
It's all so complicated for me
Why can't you see?
There's just so much on my mind
or maybe I'm just blind
feels like I'm wasting my time
it's falling apart for me
Why can't you see?
Someone please send me a sign,
something I can't find.. 'cause...
sometimes, I feel alone... sometimes, I feel unknown
feel like a rolling stone
I can't stop, must go on

How this site came about

 greendogg217: hey
greendogg217: my band member is right here
justsayso: and the recipes?
greendogg217: when she leaves
justsayso: Hi Band member!
greendogg217: "hi"
justsayso: oh
justsayso: :-)
justsayso: whachall been up to?
greendogg217: can u fix the site
justsayso: of course
justsayso: after after she leaves?
greendogg217: before
justsayso: can you send the recipes now?
greendogg217: sure
greendogg217: in a sec
justsayso: great
justsayso: :-)
justsayso: :-P
justsayso: :-D
greendogg217: did u delete the site or somethin?
justsayso: whre are the recipes?
justsayso: no I still have it
greendogg217: have to get them
justsayso: IM Waitin
greendogg217: gotta ask grandma
justsayso: what u been doin gir?
greendogg217: bailey wants to see the site
justsayso: I'm sure
greendogg217: ill go ask right now for the recepies
greendogg217: can u refresh the site or w/e
justsayso: I'll be here
greendogg217: can i get the recepies later?
justsayso: You'll need to be typing them in, right?
greendogg217: huh?
justsayso: sure, if you're not in a hurry to see the site now
greendogg217: seriously
greendogg217: bailey has to go home in 15 min
justsayso: Well, when is later going to be?
justsayso: re: the recipes?]
greendogg217: and we still need to take pics and stuff
justsayso: I've been waiting a month or two
greendogg217: i promise, today
greendogg217: ?
justsayso: no wait
greendogg217: object not found
greendogg217: u know bailey right?
greendogg217: same.. not found
justsayso: hang on
greendogg217: bailey's here
greendogg217: at the com
justsayso: did you see it?
greendogg217: yeah
justsayso: that appears to be an old version tho
greendogg217: we're gonna take pics now
justsayso: ok
greendogg217: well, ttyl
justsayso: I'll work on it after I get the recipes
justsayso: yall have fun!
greendogg217: lol
greendogg217: ill get them today
greendogg217: i promise
justsayso: :-P
greendogg217: brb
greendogg217: im back
greendogg217: we took bailey home
justsayso: :-P
greendogg217: ok
greendogg217: need the recepies?
greendogg217: hehe
justsayso: waitin
greendogg217: Pound cake-
1 1/2 cups butter
2 2/3 cups sugar
7 eggs
3 1/2 cups cake flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup pineaple juice
2 tsp. vanilla

greendogg217: Spaghetti-
pound of lean ground beef
1/2 of a medium onion
small amount of green pepper
spaghetti sauce (Ragu)
any kind of spaghetti

justsayso: Do you know what a recipe is? Its not just a list of ingredients...
greendogg217: i asked grandma for the recepie, she told me what i typed
greendogg217: recepe
greendogg217: w/e
justsayso: Ask her does one throw all those ingredients in a blender and bake?'
justsayso: at what temp?
greendogg217: 350 for one hour
justsayso: Is there any special order?
greendogg217: "soften the butter, then you put the butter in the mixer, and I'm too hurtin to talk" grandma said
greendogg217: " and gradually add the sugar to it, and beat it on number 3 on your mixer"
justsayso: Whats wrong with Aunt Leslie??
greendogg217: "and then add it one egg at a time, beating on number 7"
greendogg217: "i have a spasm in my back"
justsayso: go take a hot shower
justsayso: and breathe thru your nose extra fast
greendogg217: "i dont even feel like a shower"
justsayso: hyperventilate till you feel a bit dizy
justsayso: see if that helps
greendogg217: ok
greendogg217: lmao
greendogg217: grandma's sniffing like crazy
greendogg217: it's funny
greendogg217: "then you put the vanilla in after your eggs, then you put the beater on number 1"
justsayso: Please don't give me one sentence at a time
greendogg217: "and fold in the flour, alternating with the liquids"
justsayso: just the complete recipe
justsayso: so I don't have to cut and paste a million time
greendogg217: it's too hard
greendogg217: lol
justsayso: well, oh well
greendogg217: well, aren't you gonna read it, then write your own?
greendogg217: im not doing all the work
greendogg217: why dont you call grandma?
greendogg217: too hard
greendogg217: h/o
greendogg217: she's gonna write it down
greendogg217: then I'll send it to u
greendogg217: now... about my site
greendogg217: hehe
greendogg217: ya there?
greendogg217: hello?
greendogg217: why does the site say "after later"?
greendogg217: are you there?
greendogg217: hello?
justsayso: I really don't need these recipes
greendogg217: huh?
greendogg217: you were beggin for them
justsayso: I was hoping to discover you realized the importance of give and take
justsayso: and not just take take take...
greendogg217: lol
justsayso: I have to cook dinner now
greendogg217: i thought you enjoyed helping me lol
greendogg217: you really don't need them?
greendogg217: gradma's writing it now
justsayso: and I thought you could benefit from all I've done for you
greendogg217: grandma
greendogg217: huh?
justsayso: but I wanted you to do the work, and not grandma
greendogg217: im gonna type it
greendogg217: grandma just cant think straight
greendogg217: and she tells me a lot
justsayso: well, thats what I had in mind, but not just piecemeal
greendogg217: and i cant keep up
greendogg217: ???
greendogg217: are you mad/
greendogg217: ?
justsayso: perhaps feeling a bit hurt
greendogg217: how so?
greendogg217: im sorry
justsayso: you didn't answer my questions a couple of times
greendogg217: which questions?
justsayso: like what did you do today,
greendogg217: bailey was here
justsayso: so?
greendogg217: and we had a lot planned to do, and she wanted to see the site
greendogg217: and she doesn't have internet at home
greendogg217: and i dont know how to make a site
justsayso: Is she a member of your band?
greendogg217: well, do you want me to do somethin?
greendogg217: yeah
justsayso: What could be more importnat than paying to get your site going?
greendogg217: we didnt get a chance to practice today
greendogg217: what are you talking about?
justsayso: you have yet to tell me what was so impt, that you didn't have time to write the recipes
greendogg217: a lot of things can be more important
justsayso: nor practice, nor do your plans
greendogg217: idk...
justsayso: you don't know what you did today that was so much more impt?
greendogg217: all we did was eat
justsayso: well, I c
greendogg217: and in the last 15 minutes, we were trying to hurry and do everything
justsayso: I gotta go eat
greendogg217: and time went by so fast today
greendogg217: brb?
justsayso: perhaps
greendogg217: I'm sorry
justsayso: later
greendogg217: do you need the recipes?
justsayso: I don't need them, I want them
justsayso: do you still want your website?
justsayso: DUH
greendogg217: yeah
greendogg217: but..
greendogg217: i would do it myself, if i knew how
greendogg217: i might go to a computer class over the summer
greendogg217: do somethin useful for a change
justsayso: I challenge you!
greendogg217: well, ttyl
justsayso: lataer
greendogg217: heh
greendogg217: later

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